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The Midnight Queen (A Noctis Magicae Novel)

The Midnight Queen - Sylvia Izzo Hunter This is Sylvia Izzo Hunter's debut fantasy novel. While it isn't a fast-paced story, I still enjoyed it. It takes place in Britain but in an alternate history where there is magic, romance, and a treasonous plot to kill a very important person. Sophie is the main character, a young woman who wants to study magic in a time when women were not considered scholars. Her growth in the story was well developed by the author. I liked how she began as someone who didn't know herself or her potential and slowly grew into a stronger, more confident person/magic user. Gray, who is our other main character, was a student from Merlin College who comes to stay at Sophie's home when falsely accused of a crime and the two connect immediately. Gray sees magic in Sophie and helps her to learn how to use it. Once they find out that her stepfather is part of a conspiracy, they gather their allies and do their best to stop it. There are a few action scenes that propel the story forward but it did take me a few chapters to really invest myself in the book. Once I did however, I was hooked and I look forward to reading the sequel.

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