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Lost in Lies

Lost in Lies - Xavier Neal This book starts up right where the first story leaves off. In fact, if you buy this book, you actually get both books in one purchase. A potential love triangle starts and Peyton begins to question the decision she made in becoming part of Peter's gang. She experiences a lot of growth in this book and she is thrown head first into this new life. Plenty of action scenes with a nice plot that wasn't too complicated and stems from the first book. The relationship between Peyton and Justin (and Nick) is a big part of the story but the plot came first, romance second. It was a fast and fun read and I found myself laughing several times at Peyton and Peter's constant bickering and his obnoxious behavior. It still cracks me up that the author painted Peter in this light. He continues to be a huge jerk but we do start to see a glimpse of a heart in this story.

Magic does exist in the book but again, the plot is at the forefront. The characters can fly, there are some magical weapons and potions, and of course there is a ship that can take them back to Neverland, but we haven't traveled there... yet.

This has become one of my favorite YA adaptations of the story. I think I like it the most because it is so off beat. Both books are a quick read and a lot of fun.

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