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Black Ice

Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick The drama started almost at the very beginning and the story moved fast and furious until its final moments. I took it to the gym with me and stayed on the treadmill for over an hour because I didn't want to stop reading. Britt is a typical young girl who still pined over her ex-boyfriend and didn't always make the best decisions. She was also however, smart and savvy and didn't give herself enough of a chance to prove this to herself. On the mountain, when she and Korbie are kidnapped during a blizzard, she has to rise to the occasion to stay alive and she does this admirably. She ended up being a strong character and learning a lot about herself as an individual.

Was this book incredibly deep and emotional? Not really, but that didn't in any way take away from the fun of reading it. It was written as a fast-paced thriller with a little bit of romance and that is exactly what I was looking for. I had my theories early on about how the story was going to turn out and I was pretty close with my predictions on who the real killer was. I really liked how the author ended the book and then included an epilogue that took place a year later to finish out the story. This was a bit more realistic than many stories where, after all the drama, everything wraps up perfectly with a bow on top.

This would make a great beach read as it isn't too thick and doesn't require a huge amount of concentration. Thoroughly enjoyable. I will definitely continue to pick up any new books by this author.

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