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The Betrayed

The Betrayed - Heather Graham As always, Heather Graham doesn't disappoint. I especially enjoyed The Betrayed because of my love for the story of Sleepy Hollow. One of the features I love about all of her books is the history. In this case, that included the story of the town and surrounding area during the Revolutionary War era, the people who lived at this time, and the traditions surrounding Washington Irving's beloved story. The ghost of Irving himself even makes an appearance on a few occasions.

Our main characters don't stray from the norm. Graham continues to give us the gorgeous FBI agent with special gifts and the "non" FBI agent who also has gifts. They of course meet under horrific circumstances as someone is murdering people and taking heads in typical horseman fashion. The Halloween season setting adds to the atmosphere as our Krewe of hunters tries desperately to get ahead of the killer. The story is fast-paced, full of suspense, and truly hard to put down. There is a bit more gore than usual but it isn't overwhelming and there were a lot of fun twists and turns. I had fun trying to figure out who the killer was and was surprised once I realized who it was. And of course, if you are a romance fan, you won't be disappointed. We get the added bonus of the two main characters getting together as is to be expected from this series.

This is a perfect read for the season. Lots of ghosts, murder, and mayhem. I'll be waiting for the next one!

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