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Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1)

Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1) - Christa Nardi This cozy was a good one. Sometimes I find that the cozies I read are lacking in one area or another. I enjoy them, but they are also easy to put down and pick up later. Not this one. The biggest draw for me was that it was totally engaging from beginning to end. Truly interesting to read, I found myself creating theories about characters right from the start. Each character was unique in personality and several could have committed the crime. I was happy to find that I couldn't predict who the real murderer was until I got to the last few chapters of the book.

I really liked the main character, Sheridan. She was easy to relate to and I could easily see someone like her in the real world. The fact that she was in her forties, divorced, and worked full-time makes her someone readers can connect with. Her romance with McMann was slow to emerge in the story and didn't overtake the drama as it unfolded. It was well portrayed.

I also enjoyed learning about life at a small four year college and seeing the personal and professional turmoil that ensued when something big like this happened in such a small town. There was a decent amount of action once the story began coming to a head. It kept me turning the pages and there was no way I was putting the book down once the suspense began! I found that I was satisfied with the ending and was thrilled to find out that there was another book coming in the series. I will definitely be picking it up very soon. If you like cozies, this is one not to miss!

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