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Some Girls Bite

Some Girls Bite - Chloe Neill First of all, if you are looking for a serious read, this isn't the book for you. This is a book for readers with a love of the paranormal who are looking for a story with fun characters, humor, action, and a strong female lead. Merit is that female lead and most of the story deals with her trying to adjust to being a vampire. She is naturally independent, stubborn, sassy, and stands up for what she believes. A lot of this story deals with her making decisions about her new life but I found this to be quite interesting and it was also needed since this is the first in the series. The minor characters are also extremely likable. We have Jeff, who is a shifter/computer nerd, Catcher, the hot sorcerer/vamp trainer, and Mallory, who is Merit's best friend/new found witch. These characters are fun and make the book even more enjoyable.

I also liked the idea of humans and vampires being aware of each other's existence, the different vampire houses, and the hierarchies in each house. There are definitely a ton of possibilities for future story lines as the series progresses. As for the romance in the story, there isn't a whole lot of it in the first book but I can tell there will definitely be a love triangle between Ethan, Merit, and Morgan. I haven't decided who I like for Merit yet so I'll have to get to know both contenders a bit better before making my choice.

Light and fun, with just a bit of bite. I'm on to the next book to see what happens with these characters next.

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