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Dreaming Spies

Dreaming Spies - Laurie R. King Holmes and Russell did not disappoint in this latest book. If you are a mystery lover, this series is consistently wonderful and you don't get that repetitive feeling that can often occur when you get the fourth or fifth book. Each installment is original and completely captivating. Dreaming Spies is no exception and I read at every chance I got until the book was finished. The relationship between Russell and her much older husband, Sherlock Holmes, is always a delight. Mary Russell is consistently taught new skills by her husband but is also a brilliant and independent woman for her time. She strives to be his mystery solving equal and sometimes even surpasses him. Sherlock treats her as a partner and never acts the overprotective husband. Each brings their own unique personality to the table and together they are truly phenomenal.

This is one of the few series where the writing is so well done and the plot so deep and intriguing, that I cannot solve the mystery myself. There are many twists and turns so that, many times, I miss clues that only the most cautious eye will find. I love this about these books. I love that I am engrossed and trying to work things out in my mind until the very end, where I am almost always impressed with how the story plays out. I find myself often having an "aha" moment along with the characters. This was definitely the case for this book.

If you are a lover of mysteries and have a soft spot for Sherlock Holmes, you might want to give these books a shot. Mary Russell is the main character but Holmes is prominent in most of the stories. However, in my opinion, you absolutely must start at the beginning where they first meet. Holmes, an aging detective losing faith in his world, and Russell, a young girl with her own issues, who stumbles upon him at just the right moment. The first book is The Beekeepers Apprentice. I go back to read the first few chapter often and It will always be one of my favorites.

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