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Craving (Willow Creek, #1)

Craving (Willow Creek, #1) - Stephanie   Summers The story here was original and interesting. I dislikes Sabine's parents immensely at the beginning of the book and I couldn't imagine being Sabine, knowing my sister could have a future and I could not. To make things worse, her parents gave the sister everything to ensure she had every opportunity available to her and Sabine got next to nothing because they felt there was no point in preparing her for a life she wouldn't have. Rude... I was glad they didn't have a huge role in the book.

The main characters have a lot of potential. I loved the sarcastic dialogue that was consistent between Sabine and Remy. He would be incorrigible but she was most times able to come up with a good retort. He was infuriating but that really just made him more attractive. Of course, as the reader, we knew they would get together eventually and the events that led up to the pairing had me first feeling anger, then compassion, and finally hope that what was thought to be horrible situation for both characters could end up being exactly the opposite. The more we got to know Remy and his back story, the more it was realized that he wasn't the cold, hard-hearted vampire he pretended to be. As Sabine began to see through his shell, he slowly began to let her into his world. I was glad that the relationship was a slow burn rather than the kind where they meet and fall in love in the first two chapters of the story. I particularly enjoyed when they traveled together and really appreciated just having each other as a companion.

This book was actually fun to read. There was only one thing I did not like and that was the cover. This is just personal preference. I am not a fan of book covers with half naked people on them. I must admit, I would not have picked this book up at all if I was not approached just because of the cover. However, I'm glad I agreed to read it. The mystery of this setting was fascinating. Like Remy, I still have so many questions. Why are vampires attracted to this town? What is it that they need/want so badly that the town needs constant protection. It is a question that wasn't really fully answered as of yet but there was a bit of foreshadowing toward the end that points toward this topic being addressed in the next book. I'll be waiting...

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