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The Chase

The Chase - Scott Brick, Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg This book is just plain fun. It begins when the first book, The Heist, leaves off and immediately puts Fox and O'Hare together again. I love these characters. They are a perfect team and yet total opposites. Kate is determined to follow the law if at all possible and Nick has more "creative" ideas about how to accomplish their missions. The romantic undertones are evident between these two characters but the author hasn't brought them together yet. I found this to also be refreshing because it gives the reader something to look forward to rather than just throwing the male and female leads together right from the start.

The plot is paced perfectly and the action scenes are plentiful. Kate and Nick hatch some pretty elaborate plans and get into more than a few sticky situations both together and on their own. Kate's dad, Willie, Joe, and Boyd all add their special talents to the pot as they portray the quirky sidekicks in the story. I also thought that there was just the right amount of humor in the story. I found myself smiling on many occasions, usually due to the drama or antics of all of the sidekicks, or just at Kate and Nick's consistent use of flirtatious sarcasm.

This book isn't deep in any way and it isn't meant to be. It would be a great beach read or book to travel with. The reader doesn't need to over think and can just enjoy the book for what it is; a well-written, action packed story with lively characters and an thoroughly enjoyable plot. Don't forget to start at the beginning with The Heist.

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