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The Blood of Olympus

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan For me, Percy Jackson took over where Harry Potter left off. I exchanged one group of heroes for another, hoping that I could enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed the Harry Potter books. I did.

This final installment of the series was fast-paced with almost non-stop action. The chapters kept the usual format of switching point of view and none of the chapters were told by Percy or Annabeth. We read much of the story through the eyes of Jason, Reyna, Piper, and Nico. I was sad at first that Percy and Annabeth weren't as prominent in the story, but once I got into the book, it didn't really matter as much. I especially loved Nico's story and he is the character who I think grew and changed the most in the story, becoming someone who could finally see his self worth, be trusted, and a true ally to his friends.

The mythological creatures in this book were fantastic, the quests exciting, and the ending satisfying. It was hard to put down. While I was pretty sure these characters would be able to save the world from impending doom, I often wondered if someone would have to be sacrificed for the greater good. The anticipation for how the big battle would turn out in the end was almost tangible. The battle itself and its aftermath were totally worth the wait. No spoilers here though so you'll have to grab the book for yourself.

So now, I'm looking for another great book or series that can rival The Heroes of Olympus. Will I find one? I don't know. If you have any suggestions, please share. I can truly say after finishing these books that Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Nico, Frank, Hazel, and all of the other wonderful characters Rick Riordan brought to life

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