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The Night Is Forever

The Night Is Forever - Heather Graham After finishing, The Night is Alive, I went right for the next book. This time, our murder mystery is happening present day but we also learn a little bit about the civil war time period. We see the characters from the last book, Malachi and Abby, but it is Malachi's cousin Olivia and agent Dustin Blake who are the main characters in this book.
I liked this book, but not as much as the previous one, The Night is Alive. I think I liked the history of the last book better with the pirates and the underground tunnels in Savannah. This book had some Civil War era info. but it just didn't draw me in as much as The Night is Alive. I did however, enjoy the characters more in this story. I didn't really connect with Malachi in the last book. I couldn't get a clear picture of him in my mind and his personality wasn't overly impressive. Dustin seemed more real to me for some reason.
The plot was interesting. I wasn't able to figure out who the killer was until close to the end and that is always good thing. This book has a little bit of everything. Murder mystery, suspense, a little action, romance, and some moments of humor as well. Out of all of the Heather Graham books I have read, this trilogy is still my favorite.

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