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The Liberator

The Liberator - Victoria Scott I think this was a good book. Not great, but good. With regards to characters, Dante is the typical gorgeous male lead. He's strong-willed, stubborn, and impulsive. He is a little bit too sappy about his girlfriend Charlie in this book but otherwise, he is a winner and your typical hero who will face anything, even Hell, to keep Charlie safe. Charlie herself grows a lot stronger in this book. She is slowly accepting what is happening and learning to fight rather than cower and let everyone else to the work. She is starting to stand her ground and I think this makes her a much more likable character. We meet Aspen, who I didn't much care for at first, and ended up being one of my favorites. Her tough angry exterior slowly fell away as the story continued and I was actually surprised when she made a huge sacrifice toward the end of the story. All of the other characters are still a big part of the story too. Blue, Max, Valery, Annabelle, and now Kraven, who has quite a large role this time around.
The story was basic for the most part, Dante and his friends protecting Charlie at all costs. Dante gets another assignment however, and has to leave for a little while. While he is gone, demons go after Charlie. We find out that her soul is already in Hell and Dante decides to go get it. They go to a training center to get ready for the journey. When the story was close to ending, I was excited to see a cool plot twist that explained a lot and got me excited for the third installment. As I said, the book was good but until this part, the third book wouldn't have been on my priority list. I loved, however, the direction the author took at the end and so I will pick up the next one when it comes out to see what happens. If you liked the first book, I say go ahead and read this one. Once you get about three quarters of the way through, you will be happy you picked it up.

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