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The Heist

The Heist - Lee Goldberg, Janet Evanovich As I stated in my last review, I grew tired of the predictability of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich. I stopped around the fifteenth book because it was just so predictable and the main character still hadn't made a choice between the two men in her life.

I'm so glad these two authors got together. The Heist has all of the things I love about Janet Evanovich's writing and the addition of Lee Goldberg, who has written scripts for shows such as The Glades, Diagnosis Murder, and my personal favorite, Monk. He has also written many books, including those based on the "Monk" series.

I would categorize this book into "fun summer beach reads." First off, it had the perfect amount of humor and sarcasm. It was also full of action and exotic settings. Each character had their own quirks, such as Kate, who is all business and professionalism yet consistently spills food on herself whenever she eats. Nick, the main male character, is the perfect con man and ever the charmer. He and Kate have a great chemistry once they start working together and she loosens up a bit. There was some fun sexual innuendo and the two were clearly attracted to one another, but we will have to wait for their next adventure together to see if they give in to their feelings. Apparently, this book is the first in the "O'Hare and Fox" series. The minor characters in the story are just as brilliant and deserve recognition. Kate's dad, Jake, a former Navy Seal, has several appearances in the story, and then we have Willie and Tom who are helping with the con for their own personal reasons. No one but Nick has ever been part of a con so they are a kind of ragtag team but each member has individual talents needed to pull it off. Every character has their own unique (but brief) back story and lends their own brand of humor to the story. I found my self smiling often. If any one of them were not present in the book, it wouldn't have been as enjoyable.

This book would make a great movie in my opinion and I can't wait for the second book in the series!

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