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Prince Lestat

Prince Lestat - Anne Rice Well, I was right to be wary. I think I knew in my heart that this book wouldn't hold a candle to the original. Don't get me wrong, Lestat is still the Brat Prince of the Vampires and does not let the reader down, and it was wonderful to see Louis and Armand and other favorites. The parts of the book that focused on Lestat and the other well known and well loved characters were engaging and at those moments, I was able to catch a glimpse of the old stories that I loved so much. However, so much of this book focused on other, lesser known vampires that I wasn't as invested in. Their stories were mildly interesting and they had purpose to the story but I felt like it was false advertising to call the book, "Prince Lestat" when Lestat was probably present in only about half of the book and he certainly wasn't causing the often jaw-dropping or laugh out loud trouble we are used to reading. Louis, my favorite character, only barely made an appearance and then suddenly had the lead role in the last chapter, which I'm still not sure I understand.

I think the problem was that I was expecting something I didn't get. My expectations were too high. The book was well-written and the last quarter of the book was quite exciting once all of the different chapters/stories began to merge. I still believe Anne Rice to be a stellar author but I am going back. I'm going back to reread those first two books that kept me up until wee hours of the morning on the edge of my seat, reveling in the Vampire world and its colorful and unforgettable characters. These are the stories I want to hold onto and remember forever.

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