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The Hit

The Hit - David Baldacci This is my second David Baldacci book. The first one I read was The Innocent, which introduces the reader to Will Robie and his life as a government assassin. When I completed the first book, I was left wishing there were more to the story. When I read the teaser and reviews for The Hit, I was excited to read that my beloved characters had returned. I bought it immediately but didn't get exactly what I was hoping for. I quite enjoyed the book, don't get me wrong, but I expected more. It started slowly and I was disappointed that Julie and Vance who were in the first book, were only very minor characters in this story. I had been hoping that Robie and Vance would get together or at least be led in that direction. Instead, we are introduced to Jessica Reel, who everyone believes is an assassin who has gone rogue but who is really just knocking off the high ups who are involved in a doomsday plan. Robie is originally brought in to kill her but eventually notices that things aren't making sense. They end up working together to uncover the truth. While I still loved Robie's character, I couldn't really connect to Jessica. She just didn't do it for me. I also thought that the book didn't flow quite as smoothly as The Innocent. However, it did have plenty of action, a decent plot, and wrapped up nicely. I'm not sorry I read it, I just would have done things differently. All in all, if you like David Baldacci's books, you will probably enjoy this one as well. On to the next book!

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