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A Cold Legacy

A Cold Legacy - Megan Shepherd The series is over. I've finished all three books and loved each of them. If you haven't heard of these or read my previous reviews on the first two books, you should definitely go back to check them out from the beginning. You can see all three books on Amazon by clicking here.

A Cold Legacy continues the story of Juliet Moreau and her quest to find her true self amidst the chaos that seems to follow her wherever she goes. In this installment, which has a strong tie-in to the story of Frankenstein, Juliet and her friends escape London and hide from the law in the north with Elizabeth, at her estate. What Juliet finds however, is that even here, things are not normal. Elizabeth, it turns out, is related to the original Frankenstein family and holds the only written evidence of re-animation, bringing the dead back to life. This of course, just feeds into Juliet's obsession that she is fated to be just like her father, and her curiosity leads her to places she shouldn't go, even though her friends warn to to stay away. I found myself getting angry at Juliet at times because her inner thinking and decision making was just so frustrating. This happened in the other books too, but it doesn't take away from the quality of the story.

Hemsley is the re-animated child in the story, brought back to life by Elizabeth years ago. He is fascinating to read about and really brings the Frankenstein feel of the story home. His one white eye, inhuman strength, lack of pain, and temper all worked together perfectly to create his persona. I felt both empathy and horror when reading about him.

All of our beloved characters are still with us for this story. Balthasar, Montgomery, Lucy, and Sparky the dog; but I warn you, this is the last book and there is quite a bit of violence and some heartache to be had throughout. That being said, I was satisfied at the end and wouldn't have minded another book to continue the story to see if everyone ended up happy with the choices they made.

Highly recommended if you love horror/romance that brings back pieces of an old classic monster tale. A great series by an author whom I will definitely read again. If you want to know more about the author, Megan Shepherd, click here to visit her website.

Enjoy your reading!

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