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Cogling - Jordan Elizabeth Mierek Cogling by Jordan Elizabeth was graciously given to me in exchange for an honest review. I'll begin by saying that the first thing that attracted me to the book was the cover. I love the color scheme and the graphics, and once I read the story and connected it to the images represented, I liked it even more. Truly beautiful.

The story is, in my opinion, a mix of steampunk and fairy tale. The basic premise is that hags are stealing children to work in their factories and they replace them in the real world with Coglings, which are mechanical versions of the children held together with gears similar to that of a clock. Edna Mather, the main character, realizes this when her brother suddenly falls apart into a mess of gears, onto the floor. She goes to search for him with help from some friends she meets along the way.

The story has several fairy tale elements, including a king, a prince, fantastic creatures such as Hags, Nix, and a dragon, as well as the steampunk elements such as airships and the mechanicals themselves. It was a nice mix and I found myself appreciating the story from both sides. There was a dabbling of romance and a few battles where some blood was spilled. The pacing of the story kept me wondering what was going to happen next so I finished it in just a few hours. Definitely a fun read for anyone who enjoys fantasy. The possibility of another book is definitely an option but it could just as easily be a stand alone. I would surely read another book if it was written to see what happens next for these characters.

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