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As much as I loved Library of Souls, finishing it is slightly bittersweet because it is the last book in the Miss Perigrine trilogy as far as I know. Finding a book or series that really has that special something, one that you never tire of rereading or recommending, doesn't happen very often. Miss Perigrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Hollow City, and Library of Souls, all by Ransom Riggs, all go into my top books of all time, especially the first book in the series, which included amazing photos to accompany the story.

Library of Souls continues where Hollow City left off, with our main characters Jacob, Emma, and their companions searching for Miss Peregrine and the other captive Ymbrynes and friends. All the while, they are either avoiding or being chased by Hollowgasts or Wights. The story is fast-paced and full of suspense as you wonder if some of the characters we have come to know will live or die. There are some fabulous photos in this story also but I didn't find them to be quite as intriguing as they were in the first two books. However, I loved that this book really focused on Jacob and his growth as a peculiar. He spends a lot of time doubting himself but finds that when it really counts, he is able to achieve. He also learns that it is ok not to be the hero all the time and no one feels less about him when he fails. Jacob basically finds his place in the world and everything wraps up nicely.

Although there could be the possibility of other adventures for Jacob and his friends, it does seem as though it is over. I will however, be returning to the world of the peculiars often to visit and these books by Ransom Riggs will always be fondly remembered.

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