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Nightfall - Peter Kujawinski, Jake Halpern I liked it. It was different and the plot was fairly original although I did have some deja vu here and there of other popular stories/fairy tales. The characters were likable and as before they were even left behind, I began developing theories. While my basic idea of what was going to happen when night fell was correct, the story ended up being a bit more fantastical than I originally thought. There were some imaginative creatures and an added mystery/subplot involving one of the main characters in the story which was quite interesting. All in all, the book was fun and unique with a decent amount of adventure and suspense. My 12 year old son is now enjoying it as well, and while he usually has one book at home and one at school, he is enjoying this one enough to be traveling with it back and forth. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of an ending but maybe there will be a sequel in the future that will answer my lingering questions and ideas about what happens to the characters next.

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