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Enticing Violence

Enticing Violence - Theresa M. Jones As I said in my review of the first book in the series, I often find it to be a turn off when a fantasy novel goes overboard. In many fantasy novels, I become bored with the extreme attention given to world building. I find however, that Theresa Jones makes the story the main focus and that's why I read a book. Of course we learn about setting and history as the story moves forward but it isn't explained in pages and pages of intricate details. Enticing Violence is a fast moving adventure with stops along the way to appreciate the scenery and learn more about this new realm that Lily is still adjusting to.

The story is hard to put down. The pacing is fast as the characters desperately search for their friend. There is quite a bit of violence (hence the title) and fighting and some really creative characters, my favorite being the White Stag, who was not only written beautifully but could become invisible and travel to different places in seconds. I loved how it spoke to Lily telepathically. Lily and Alec are still the main focus and I also like how the author didn't follow the typical romance path of putting the couple together just to rip them apart over and over again. While they certainly had a few bumps in the road, they stayed strong for the most part and weren't separated for long periods of time. I liked the show of power they demonstrated together.

I'm not sure how many books are planned for the series but I will definitely keep reading them. Lily is on a mission and will eventually take her rightful place on the throne. I look forward to seeing how it all plays through and what final path each character chooses to take.

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