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Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1)

Graffiti in Love (Love and Lawbreakers, #1) - G.G. Andrew Back in November, for Novella November, I read a novella by G.G. Andrew called Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish, which was completely out of my reading comfort zone. Yet, I really enjoyed the story. There are very few romances out there that I find appealing. I often find them to be too sexy, too cute, or just boring and predictable. And if there are half naked people on the front cover... forget it. I won't even read the teaser. Not because I am a prude; I read Fifty Shades just like everybody else, but because I'm just not impressed by that sort of cover art.

So, because I enjoyed Crazy, Sexy, Ghoulish, and was offered this book in return for an honest review, I decided to leave the zone again and try Graffiti in Love. Again, I really enjoyed it. It wasn't deep but I felt that the characters were interesting and had some depth to them. The plot was original and fun with just a little bit of adventure mixed in. I laughed a few times and even though I knew the story would have a happy but slightly predictable type of ending, I still kept reading. In fact, I read the whole book in one sitting and can honesty say that it was another fun, light read from this author.

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