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Enchanted Revenge (Empyrean Chronicles Book 1)

Enchanted Revenge (Empyrean Chronicles Book 1) - Theresa M. Jones I'm quite glad that I gave this book a chance. I knew as soon as I read the first chapter that it would be the kind of book I would want to finish in only a couple of sittings. Hence, the iPad began to travel with me wherever I went for a couple of days so that I could read during any free moments I could spare. The opening of the book is a bit brutal but this is part of what makes it hard to put down. It grabbed me right from the beginning. Lily, the main character, is portrayed well. Her role as a girl whose parents were brutally murdered is believable. I felt connected to her emotions as she moved between anguish, fury, hopelessness, and fear while she tried to cope with her drastically changing world. Her companion and supporter, Alec, helps her to deal with what is happening to her as she searches for the Fae who killed her family. They make a great team and his story is as tragic as hers. They compliment each other nicely. The setting was lovely and not overwhelming to the senses. I enjoyed reading about the cities and villages and hearing the history of the world and the fears about what would befall it in the future if no one stood up to save it. I also liked that the romance between the two main characters isn't always at the forefront of the story and the characters are flawed and not cookie cutter perfect in appearance or actions. They are on a mission and have no qualms about what needs to be done to avenge their loved ones. There is some violence but I think this added a nice edge to the story. I'm really looking forward to the next book and also hoping that the characters get to stay together in the story since they have already experienced so much loss. A girl can hope!

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