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The Girl on the Train: A Novel

The Girl on the Train: A Novel - Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train was the first book I read for the Beat the Heat Readathon and I picked it up because so many people have said how fabulous it is. I now agree. What a roller coaster ride! The story was completely engrossing right from the beginning and I couldn't put it down. The main character, Rachel, was painted perfectly as a woman who was at her lowest and just couldn't seem to move on and let go of her past. She was truly pathetic at this time in her life; making such terrible decisions that I would cringe, and yet at the same time, I found myself secretly hoping that she would break free from her torment and begin the journey back to normalcy.

As you move further into the story, the plot thickens and the dramatic intensity increases significantly. Once I got to the final third of the book, I knew I wouldn't be stopping until I finished and there was no guessing what the end would have in store until you were almost on top of it. The possibilities as I read seemed endless and once the mystery was introduced, I found myself jotting down all of my theories and then crossing them out as I came upon something to lead me in another direction or change my thinking. When I finally had my "Aha!" moment, I was pretty close to the end. It was very well written and I'm looking forward to reading other books by this author. I will definitely be adding The Girl on the Train to my top ten for 2015.

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