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The Scam

The Scam - Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg
Just finished two books in the Fox and O'Hare series by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg on Audible. These are the third and fourth book in the series. Years ago, I used to love the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich and I know that thousands of people adore them, but after about book ten, I started to get bored. There was no growth to the characters and I felt like I was just reading the same plot over and over again. I picked up the first book in the Fox and O'Hare series in the hopes that it would hold the finer attributes of Evanovich's writing style and bring something fresh with the addition of Goldberg. They are definitely a winning combination, at least for now (who knows what will happen by book ten!) Presently, I love these books and I am hooked.

How to describe them? I guess you could call them FBI crime thrillers with sass. The crew of characters is irresistible. Not only do we have Nick Fox and Kate O'Hare, but also several unique and thoroughly enjoyable sidekicks that help out when needed. Humor and sarcasm are abundant, and of course there is a decent amount of heated tension and bickering between Nick and Kate. Overall, these are fun reads with lots of action and nothing too deep or disturbing. Great beach or weekend reads. I'm sure many a driver gave me an odd look as I walked with my earbuds and a big stupid grin on my face. Worth it. :)

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