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The Sleeper and the Spindle

The Sleeper and the Spindle - Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddell This book I fell upon completely accidentally while looking for an audio book for my evening walk. I honestly don't even remember exactly how I ended up finding it but I'm glad I did. The cover is absolutely gorgeous! Then, when I read the teaser and realized that Gaiman was doing a book mashup of my least favorite princess and my favorite princess, I just had to see how it turned out.

I have to say that for a 64 page book, I was pretty impressed. Not that Neil Gaiman doesn't always impress me, but I wasn't sure what he could pull off in such a short book with what I thought would need a lot more depth and detail. I was wrong. This story is exactly what it should be, a very unique fairy tale with a bit of an edge, characters who delightfully stray from the norm, and even though not one of them has a name, we as the reader can figure out exactly who they are, which just adds to the fun.

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